Van bi KTM Model NB/MB

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  • Certifications CE, CRN, Fugitive Emission, SIL capable, PED
  • End Connection Flanged
  • Application Asphalt Blending, Batch , Beverages, Biofuels, Filling, Fluid Control , Geothermal, Industrial Service, Product Transfer, Product Blending, Mixing/Stirring, Lube Blending
  • Body Design Side Entry, Long Pattern
  • Material Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel
  • Operating Temperature High Temperature
  • Pressure Class ASME
  • Process Connection Type CL150RF, 150RF, 300RF, CL300RF, Flanged
  • Seat/Seal Type Soft Seal, Ball
  • Shutoff Class API 598, Zero Leakage
  • Standards ASME B16.34, API 608
  • Valve Size NPS 2 / DN 50, NPS 1-1/2 / DN 40, NPS 10 / DN 250, NPS 1 / DN 25, NPS 3 / DN 80, NPS 4 / DN 100, NPS 8 / DN 200, NPS 6 / DN 150
  • Valve Size Standard NPS, DN
  • Valve Type Ball, Floating Ball Valve, Three-Way Valve
  • Media Aggressive Liquids/Gases, Air, Ammonia, CNG, Fuel Oil, Hot Water, Light Oil, Liquid, Liquid Propane, Liquid Propane Gas, Liquids, LPG, Mineral Oil, Natural Gas, NH3, NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia), Specialty Gases


  • Positive alignment of body.
  • Blow-out proof stem for safety.
  • Sphericity tolerance of the ball is unsurpassed.
  • Multiple layers of adjustable PTFE chevron packing rings for standard model enable excellent fugitive emission control.
  • Positive position indication.
  • Locking device capable.
  • Heavy duty body construction.
  • Machined ISO 5211 top mounting flange.
  • Live load springs keep constant force on stem-seal packing, ensuring seal integrity and extended valve life.
  • Dual shaft bearings for high cycle life operation.
  • Higher Cv values and less cost for diverting which can be normally done with multiple installation of valves.2 seats feature OM2 compatible, co-polymer E-seat as standard. Machined firesafe lip for metal touch to ball in case of fire. It also eliminates
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